The Best Cruises: Lan Ha Bay versus Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay: The Non-Touristy Alternative to Halong Bay

Most people who visit Vietnam have Halong Bay on their list of must-visit destinations. But what many don’t realize is that Halong Bay has become a victim of its own success. It is filled with hundreds of cruise boats and visited by thousands of tourists every day. And most cruise boats in Halong Bay are on the same schedule so you’ll encounter crowds at every stop along your cruise.

One of the best-kept secrets of Vietnam is the two neighboring bays that offer the same stunning scenery as Halong Bay but without the crowds. Bai Tu Long Bay sits just to the east of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay is just to the south.

Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam

So while Halong Bay gets all of the press, there are actually much nicer areas to enjoy a cruise in this region of Northern Vietnam. If you prefer visiting more off-the-beaten-path destinations, then a cruise in Lan Ha Bay is a perfect non-touristy alternative to Halong Bay.

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Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam: How to Choose the Best Cruise

Halong Bay or Lan Ha Bay: Which is Right for You?

Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam: How to Choose the Best Cruise

You’re probably wondering if you should choose a cruise to Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay. They are very similar so it can be difficult to decide which one to visit.

Halong Bay is actually quite close to mainland Vietnam so you’ll arrive in the bay rather quickly after boarding your boat. There is also fierce competition between the hundreds of cruise companies operating in Halong Bay. As such, cruise prices are cheaper and, in general, the cruises are for only one night. So Halong Bay is a great choice if you have limited time in Vietnam or if you’re working on a tight budget.

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However, if you choose a cruise in Halong Bay, you’ll constantly be surrounded by hundreds of other boats. You’ll also find that Halong Bay cruises operate on essentially the same schedule. For example, if your cruise is scheduled to visit Ti Top Island for sunset, at least 20 other boats will be stopping there at the same time too.

Lan Ha Bay is just south of Halong Bay so you’ll find that the scenery is every bit as spectacular, but it doesn’t yet have the international fame of Halong Bay. Lan Ha Bay is also farther from the mainland which means it is more isolated and much less developed from a tourism perspective. As an added bonus, Lan Ha Bay has dozens of picture-perfect white sand beaches tucked into its 400+ islands.

In Lan Ha Bay, you’ll find far fewer boats, far fewer crowds, and cruise boats that offer a more luxurious experience. When relaxing on your sun deck you’ll be able to gaze upon the towering limestone cliffs instead of countless other boats blocking your view. And smaller boats mean larger suites and a more personalized experience on board.

Getting to Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay Cruises depart from two main harbors. Either departure point is about 2-2.5 hours from Hanoi:

The easiest way to travel from Hanoi to your cruise departure point is to let your cruise company arrange the transfer.

Almost all cruises offer a transfer service from Hanoi. Some will include it in the cost of the cruise while others will charge for it separately. It is typically $20-30 USD per person in each direction for the transfer service.

If you prefer a private transfer, it can easily be arranged by your cruise company or your hotel in Hanoi. Either way, plan on spending about $80 USD for a one-way private transfer between Hanoi and La Ha Bay.

The Closest Airports to Lan Ha Bay: Van Don Airport & Cat Bi Airport

If you’re coming directly to Lan Ha Bay from somewhere other than Hanoi, there are two lesser-known international airports that are quite close:

  • Van Dong International Airport (Airport code: VDO) is Vietnam’s newest international airport and is located about 40 miles Northeast of Halong Bay. That’s 60 miles closer than Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi. If your Lan Ha Bay cruise leaves from Tuan Chao Harbor then check flight prices into Van Don Aiport as it will certainly save you some time.
  • If your cruise departs from Got Pier on Cat Hai island then consider flying into Cat Bi International Airport (Airport code: HPH). It’s located in Hai Phong just 17 miles away from your Lan Ha Bay cruise departure point.

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When to Visit Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay: The Non-Touristy Alternative to Halong Bay, Vietnam

Boats operate year-round in Lan Ha Bay and it’s hard to say with certainty what the best type of year is to visit.

In the summer months of April to September, the weather will be warmer and wetter. There is a higher likelihood that you’ll have rain during your Lan Hay Bay cruise, but the warm temperatures will make swimming in the bay and lounging on the boat deck at night more enjoyable.

The winter months of October to March are cooler and drier. You’ll be less likely to encounter wet weather, but the water may be too cold for swimming. Hiking and cycling on Cat Ba Island will be much more enjoyable in the cooler weather. But, you may find nights to be surprisingly cold so make sure to bring a light jack with you if you’re visiting Lan Ha Bay in the winter.

How Long to Spend in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay Cruise (Vietnam): How Many Days?

In our opinion, you should plan on spending three days and two nights in Lan Ha Bay. Some of the cruise companies offer sailings that are just two days and one night, but it’s a very rushed itinerary.

In our opinion, you should plan on spending three days and two nights in Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay is much further south than Halong Bay so it will take your boat longer to get there. Since you’ll spend most of your first day sailing south to Lan Ha Bay and most of your last day sailing north back to the pier, you’ll really want at least one full day in the middle to truly appreciate the beauty and serenity of Lan Ha Bay.

Plus, you’ll be able to spend more time exploring the bay by kayak or cycling/hiking on Cat Ba island (depending on what activities your cruise itinerary includes).

The 10 Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay

1. Ylang by Heritage Cruise Line

Best Luxury Cruise of Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam: Ylang by Heritage Line

Ylang by Heritage Cruise Line is the newest premiere cruise line sailing around Lan Ha Bay. Their maiden voyage was just in the summer of 2019. You’ll love that everything on the boat is sparkling new.

There are just 10 rooms on the Ylang Cruise Ship. As such, you’ll have a more intimate and personalized tour of the bay. All of the suites are much larger than you would expect on a boat, with comfortable seating areas and spacious bathrooms. The beds are also quite large, with luxuriously soft bedding and plenty of fluffy pillows.

The Ylang cruise has a focus on health and wellness so you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy morning tai chi and evening meditation. The boat also boasts an extensive spa and a team of therapists onboard. They offer treatments ranging from reflexology massages to simple manicures and pedicures.

When you’re not relaxing onboard, you’ll have loads of opportunities to keep you busy during your cruise. You can take a bike ride on Cat Bay island to a local village where you can sample rice wine. Or, you can take a hike through Cat Ba National Park. There are also multiple opportunities to kayak in Lan Ha Bay.

If you want to pamper yourself while simultaneously enjoying the beauty of Lan Ha Bay, then this is the perfect luxury cruise alternative to Halong Bay.

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2. Ginger by Heritage Cruise Line

Lan Hay Bay - Best Cruises: Ginger Cruise, Heritage Line

The Ginger is the Heritage Line’s sister boat of the Ylang. You can expect the onboard experience to be every bit as luxurious. But whereas the Ylang cruise focuses on health and wellness, the Ginger cruise is all about food!

The top deck dining room offers 360-degree views of Lan Ha Bay. At the center is a live-cooking zone where you’ll be able to watch the chef prepare your meals. And in addition to the typical Lan Ha Bay activities of hiking, swimming, cycling, and kayaking, you’ll have the opportunity to join a cooking class onboard the boat.

If you have a passion for cooking or even just a love of fine cuisine then the Heritage Line Cruise is probably the best Lan Ha Bay cruise for you!

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3. Perla Dawn Sails

Best Cruise in Lan Ha Bay: Perla Dawn Sails

As one of the best luxury cruise companies operating in Lan Ha Bay, Perla Dawn Sails should be high on your list. The boat has 18 cabins onboard ranging in size from 27-square meters for the Junior Suites to the expansive 45-square meter Grand Suites.

Perla Dawn Sails offers both a 2-day/1-night and a 3-day/2-night cruise of Lan Ha Bay. For either itinerary, you’ll depart from Cat Hai Port and sail through the magnificent limestone karsts north of Cat Bay island before arriving in Lan Ha Bay.

During your cruise on the Perla Dawn Sails, you’ll visit a secret lagoon on a local bamboo boat, go cycling on Cat Ba island, kayak in Ba Ham Lake, and enjoy a delicious dinner on a floating farm in the middle of Lan Ha Bay.

This cruise is one of the best in Lan Ha Bay and is bound to be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your trip to Vietnam.

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4. Azalea Cruises

Best Cruise in Lan Ha Bay: Azalea Cruises

Another 5-star cruise in Lan Ha Bay, Azalea Cruises has 26 well-appointed cabins, delectable cuisine, and a superb onboard crew. Azalea was one of the first cruise lines to visit Lan Ha Bay and their experience shows.

On your cruise, you’ll visit a 100-year-old French lighthouse on Da Chong islet and trek through Trung Trang cave on Cat Ba island. You’ll have the opportunity to explore Lan Ha Bay in the water and on land. You’ll go swimming at Tra Bau, cycling to the local village of Viet Hai, and kayaking through the bay’s limestone islets.

If you really want to spoil yourself then spring for one of the Exclusive Suites. These massive cabins have a balcony, a private jacuzzi tub, and an in-room bar. And the wrap-around windows provide expansive views of Lan Ha Bay.

While Azalea Cruises offers a 2-day/1-night option we recommend their 3-day Lan Ha Bay cruise – you won’t be disappointed!

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5. La Theatre Cruise

The Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay: La Theatre Cruises - Wonder on Lan Ha Bay

La Theatre Cruise is a gorgeous ship that offers a luxury cruise around Lan Ha Bay. They offer both a 2-day/1 night option and a 3-day/2 night option. Of course, we would recommend that you select the 3-day option. That way you have more time to explore the bay and enjoy the spectacular surrounding nature.

Your cruise experience will begin with a pickup from your hotel in Hanoi in a luxury vehicle. When you arrive on the boat, you’ll have a delicious buffet lunch before your kayaking excursion around Ao Ech Arch. And throughout your tour, you’ll explore caves, visit a local village, swim in the peaceful bay, partake in cooking classes and tai chi lessons, and dine on some truly exquisite cuisine.

La Theatre Cruise is quite new, having only launched in 2019. So everything on the ship is brand new! There are only 21 guest cabins so you’ll receive personalized attention from the thoughtful staff. Rooms onboard are quite spacious with large windows so you can soak in the views. And you’ll love escaping the afternoon heat in the beautiful onboard pool. It’s sure to be an experience of a lifetime!

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6. V’Spirit Premier Cruise

Lan Ha Bay - Best Cruises: V'Spirit Premier Cruise

V’Spirit Premier Cruise is another great option for exploring Lan Ha Bay. While the rooms are not as spacious as those on the boats we have previously mentioned, you’ll have more than enough space to relax during your cruise. Plus you’ll love the immaculate wooden paneling throughout and the jacuzzi tub for a soak after a long day of exploring.

All of their cabins have balconies so you can relax in the privacy of your own suite as you float past the limestone cliffs of Lan Ha Bay. Or if you’re feeling social, head to the top deck where you’ll find plenty of sun loungers.

On this cruise, you’ll explore Dark and Bright caves, bicycle to Viet Hai village on Cat Ba island, kayak to the beaches of Ba Trai Dao island, and more. After a day of exploring you’ll be ready for a cocktail or two at V’Spirit Premier Cruise’s daily happy hour.

Meals are superb and you’ll love the friendly and accommodating staff members. As a mid-range option, V’Spirit Premier Cruise is a great choice for families looking for the perfect Lan Hay Bay cruise. You can choose the 2-day/1-night cruise option, or stay and enjoy the scenery for two nights onboard.

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7. Rosy Cruises

The Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay: Rosy Cruises

Rosy Cruises provides a 5-star cruising experience around Lan Ha Bay. They offer a 2-day/1 night cruising experience or a 3-day/2 night excursion. Daily activities include visits to the Three Peaches Beach Area, Dark and Bright Cave, and Viet Hai Village where you’ll get to experience local life.

The large rooms have sophisticated decor and incredibly comfortable beds. You’ll especially love the large patio area with comfortable outdoor furniture. It’s worth getting up early to watch the sunrise from the privacy of your own room.

The pristine jacuzzi at the front of the boat is the perfect place to relax at sunset with a refreshing cocktail! They even have a great evening happy hour special onboard. And you’ll definitely want to pamper yourself at the spa during your cruise around Lan Ha Bay. The large windows allow you to soak in the view while enjoying your massage!

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8. Doris Cruise

The Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay: Doris Cruise

Doris Cruise is an immaculate boat with very unique decor, including some suites with massive round beds! Every room onboard has air-conditioning, a flat-screen television set, coffee and tea-making facilities, a bathtub, a private seating area, and complimentary toiletries.

You can choose from a 2 day/1 night excursion, or a 3 day/2 night excursion depending on your budget and time constraints. The 3-day option allows you to see more of Lan Ha Bay and spend time relaxing on board while enjoying 5-star cuisine. The daily activities are quite similar to the other itineraries on the boats. They include swimming, kayaking, cave exploring, and biking to remote villages.

The beautiful hot tub on the roof of the boat is something you’ll really appreciate after a long day of exploring Lan Ha Bay. And for some entertainment, you can enjoy a drink at the bar or play billiards or games with a few new friends.

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9. Venezia Cruises

The Best Cruises in Lan Ha Bay: Venezia Cruises

Venezia Cruises is another great budget-friendly Lan Ha Bay option. They offer both a 2 day/1 night and a 3 day/2 night itinerary depending on how much time you’d like to spend in Lan Ha Bay. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll get to cruise around the bay while admiring the striking limestone cliffs, as well as get off the boat for some adventurous excursions.

The daily adventures include exploring various caves in the region, biking to small villages, swimming, kayaking, cooking classes, sunset parties, fishing, and Tai Chi classes. You’ll love getting to make the most of this incredible bay during your time onboard Venezia!

The large, air-conditioned rooms are covered in wood paneling and have large windows to let in plenty of light. The shared lounge area on the roof of the boat is the perfect place to relax at sunset or meet a few fellow travelers on board.

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10. Calypso Cruises

Calypso Cruises is perhaps the most affordable overnight cruise of Lan Ha Bay. Rooms are about the same size as those on V’Spirit, but the least luxurious of all the cruises we have covered here. Don’t worry, you won’t be spending much time in your room anyway. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the same locations as the other more expensive Lan Ha Bay cruises but for half the price.

With a large sundeck filled with lounge chairs and a beautiful dining room, you’ll love enjoying the views of Lan Ha Bay in the many relaxing areas onboard. If you want to beat the Halong Bay crowds but you’re on a tight budget, Calypso Cruises is the best inexpensive Lan Ha Bay cruise option.

You can choose the 2-day/1-night cruise option, or stay for 3-days/2-nights. And it’s definitely worth springing for one of the rooms with a balcony!

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What to do in Lan Ha Bay

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam: Kayaking

Different boats offer different excursions around Lan Ha Bay. But, you’re likely to do a bit of kayaking in the many coves and explore Cat Ba Island.

Most cruise ships offer an early morning Tai Chi lesson on the top deck. This is usually followed by a leisurely breakfast. Then the morning and afternoon schedules vary depending on your boat.

You may be taken to a beautiful, peaceful bay for some kayaking. Or, to one of Lan Ha Bay’s small beaches for an afternoon of relaxation. Many boats also stop at Cat Ba Island where you’ll hike in the national park or bicycle to a local village.

The most popular activities on Lan Ha Bay cruises include:

  • Exploring Bright and Dark Cave: These beautiful grottos are technically part of Halong Bay, but are right on the border of Lan Ha Bay. So, they are a common day-one excursion. They are accessed through sea caves in the tall limestone cliffs. You’ll visit either by kayak or on a local bamboo boat.
  • Kayaking: The section of the bay that you explore by kayak varies from boat to boat, but almost every Lan Ha Bay cruise itinerary includes some kayaking. Ba Trai Dao island, Tra Bau, and Ba Ham Lake are popular areas for this activity due to their sheltered nature and beautiful scenery.
  • Visiting a floating fishing village: Ben Beo fishing village (sometimes also called “Cai Beo”) is one of several floating fishing villages in the area. You’ll see locals tending to fish farms, repairing boats, and just going about their daily chores.
  • Biking around Cat Ba island: You’ll cycle to the small village of Viet Hai where you’ll learn about the process of making rice wine and even try some from the latest batch.
  • Hiking in Cat Ba National Park: This national park covers over 40 square miles of Cat Ba island and is home to the world’s most endangered primate, the golden-headed langur. There are a variety of hiking trails in the park but the most likely activity to be included in your cruise itinerary is a visit to Trung Trang cave.

We hope you have an incredible experience cruising around Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam!

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